1. Those Eyes

From the recording Those Eyes

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Jason Castoro - Vocals, Keyboard, Bass, Synth Drums

Produced by Jason Castoro

Music & Lyrics by Jason Castoro
Published Worldwide by CD Baby Publishing (BMI)
Copyright 2021 Jason Castoro All Rights Reserved


Those eyes, those eyes
render me hypnotized, baby
You've found a way of making me want to stay
teasing me with those eyes
I cannot lie, you make me blush and sigh, maybe
one of these days you'll catch me lost in your gaze
totally mesmerized
You are the one that I adore, baby
You are the only one
Let's run away from these games that we play
Hug me and kiss me too, say "I love you"
Those eyes, those eyes, keeping me tantalized
I can honestly say I love you more everyday
When I look in those eyes

Lyrics reprinted by permission
Copyright 2021 Jason Castoro All Rights Reserved