1. In the Flesh

From the recording Opus 69

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Jessica Grosskopf - Vocals
Jason Castoro - Bass, Keyboard
Mike Greiner - Guitar
Trevor Hewitt - Tenor Sax
Damon Castoro - Drums

Produced by Jason Castoro

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Sonic Productions in Glen Head, N.Y. (Spring 1999)
Engineered by Steve Carniol

Music & Lyrics by Jason Castoro
Published Worldwide by CD Baby Publishing (BMI)
Copyright 2020 Jason Castoro All Rights Reserved


I am a product of social lust
To keep in style and watch my figure is a must
Can't live without it at any cost
If I'm not picture perfect my whole world is lost
In the flesh is where we should always be oh yeah
All this clothing hides what is you and me
So much better baby when we can truly see
Live a freer life in the flesh
A superficial circus in which I reign
My body's idolized but so much for my brain
I need the ratings baby to stay on top
But once I'm in your dreams I will never stop
Opus 69 is a fantasy oh yeah
It has lots to do with reality
Guaranteed to rouse and seduce your soul I swear
What a sight to see in the flesh, ah
Hey all you people in average land
With all your candy coated ugliness so bland
They set the standards just watch me go
To get where I am honey you must really blow
Open up your eyes and let go of all your shame
Nothing's uglier than your fear so lame
We are works of art please ignore the stupid frame
Just let it all hang out in the flesh
Hey take me away... take me away... take me away
Right here in the flesh

Lyrics reprinted by permission
Copyright 2020 Jason Castoro All Rights Reserved