From the recording Opus 69

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Jessica Grosskopf - Vocals
Jason Castoro - Bass, Keyboard
Mike Greiner - Guitar
Trevor Hewitt - Tenor Sax
Damon Castoro - Drums

Produced by Jason Castoro

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Sonic Productions in Glen Head, N.Y. (Spring 1999)
Engineered by Steve Carniol

Music by Jason Castoro, Lyrics by Jason Castoro & Jessica Grosskopf
Published Worldwide by CD Baby Publishing (BMI)
Copyright 2020 Jason Castoro All Rights Reserved


I take a look at you, this is what I see
That deep inside of you is where I want to be
In your soul, in your mind, in your heart, by your side
Every time I look at you it makes me want to sigh... ah
But you don't even know that I'm alive
It makes me sick to think I never realized
Wanna twist you, wanna break you
Make you fall down to your knees
Rip your heart out like you did mine
Wanna show you how it bleeds
I won't forget how I was wronged
You wouldn't even know that I'm gone
I can't forget about you and me
Maybe it's better off this way
I would be tempted if you stay
I'd dump your body in the sea
How you lied, how I cried, fight after fight
All those girls rocked your world night after night
Oh it's you doing those things that you do so well
Go to hell
I am crazy, it won't phase me, this I can't deny
Try to run and I'll find you
Gonna get you in your sleep
I will burn your mother's house down
And I'll smash your Daddy's jeep
So say you'll marry me and be forever mine
Or else, well, you know what, I'll be doing time
Shower me with kisses or you're sleeping with the fishes
Say you will

Lyrics reprinted by permission
Copyright 2020 Jason Castoro All Rights Reserved