From the recording Funky Dreams

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Jason Castoro - Vocals, Bass
Nancy Menechino - Vocals
Mike Greiner - Guitar
Trevor Hewitt - Saxes
Damon Castoro - Drums
Backup Vocals by The Tonettes (Cristina Negron, Linn DeMilta, Jennifer Garay, Lisa Viola)

Produced by Jason Castoro

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Sonic Productions in Glen Head, N.Y. (July 1997)
Engineered by Steve Carniol

Music & Lyrics by Jason Castoro
Published Worldwide by CD Baby Publishing (BMI)
Copyright 2021 Jason Castoro All Rights Reserved


I had a dream one funky evening (funky evening)
about this girl with magic eyes on fire
I wondered what she wanted with me (wanted with him)
My boy let me fulfill your every desire

Funky dreams, nasty schemes

Let's go get naked by the fire (by the fire)
it gets much warmer when you're going inside
you know my wife is gonna kill me (gonna kill him)
You're dreaming, baby, come and give me a ride

Funky dreams, nasty schemes

Well she was on her back in seconds (back in seconds)
I never heard a woman squeal so divine
I might be married on the outside (on the outside)
But in my dreams this funky b**** was all mine

Funky dreams, nasty schemes

Lyrics reprinted by permission
Copyright 2021 Jason Castoro All Rights Reserved