From the recording Invaders from Earth

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Jason Castoro - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Steven Maffei - Drums
Frank Marotta Jr. - Lead Guitar

Produced by Jason Castoro

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Dream Recording Studios in Bellmore, N.Y.
Engineered by Chris Wallitsch

Music by Jason Castoro & Frank Marotta Jr., Lyrics by Jason Castoro
Published Worldwide by CD Baby Publishing (BMI)
Copyright 2021 Jason Castoro All Rights Reserved


Shock the system, lightning out of the blue
Can’t escape the monster that is coming for you
State of the Empire, nothing new
Fear becomes your master and controls what you do
Yeah, Yeah
Manipulation of the mind
Full automation of the grind
Always the blind leading the blind
Disintegration of mankind
Contradictions don’t know who to believe
Do they tell the truth or do they seek to deceive?
State of the Empire, no reprieve
Tangled in the endless webs that spiders will weave
Yeah, Yeah
Vampires in the dead of night
Draining us all of hope and might
Tragedy with no end in sight
Now is the time to stand and fight
We’re on our way, oh yeah
Humanity will rise again
End of story, it’s as good as it gets
Time to break the cycle now and place all your bets
State of the Empire, no regrets
Give them all an ending that they’ll never forget
Yeah, Yeah
Darkness and doom are far behind
Sigh of relief as we unwind
Your inner strength and peace of mind
Realize the sun has always shined
Never again will we fall prey
To invaders from our way
They will always rue the day
And now there’s nothing more to say

Lyrics reprinted by permission
Copyright 2021 Jason Castoro All Rights Reserved