From the recording Invaders from Earth

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Marilena Castoro - Vocals
Jason Castoro - Guitar, Bass
Steven Maffei - Drums
Frank Marotta Jr. - Lead Guitar

Produced by Jason Castoro

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Dream Recording Studios in Bellmore, N.Y.
Engineered by Chris Wallitsch

Music & Lyrics by Jason Castoro
Published Worldwide by CD Baby Publishing (BMI)
Copyright 2021 Jason Castoro All Rights Reserved


Let me see you smile
There is no more need to cry
I will stay a while
Let all sadness pass us by
Blue… sky… bright… sun
Green… grass… have… fun
Close your eyes my darling
Drift into a dream-filled sleep
Better days are coming
There is no more need to weep
You can climb the highest mountain
Soar among the clouds so high
Life is yours to shape and fashion
Life is yours to wonder why
Blue… sky… bright… sun
Green grass… have fun
Darkness only conquers… if you let it
Dwell in fear and anger… and you’ll regret it
When your patience runs out… simply reset it
Love is real and worthwhile… if you can get it

Lyrics reprinted by permission
Copyright 2021 Jason Castoro All Rights Reserved