1. Bomb Cyclone

From the recording To 1985 with Love

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Featuring Jessica Grosskopf (vocals), Jason Castoro (bass/keys), Mike Greiner (guitar), and Damon Castoro (drums). Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Dream Recording Studios in Bellmore N.Y. from December 2022 - April 2023. Engineered by Chris Wallitsch. Produced by Jason Castoro. Music by Jason Castoro, lyrics by Jason Castoro & Jessica Grosskopf. Published worldwide by CD Baby Publishing (BMI) Copyright 2023 Jason Castoro All Rights Reserved


I remember those days
When you'd say to me
By my side
That's where you'd always be
And the mix tapes
That you always made for me
All those songs you picked
They set me free
When you looked at me
My brain exploded 'cause
Like, a bomb cyclone came over me
When I'm with you
My dreams come alive, it's true
Say you'll always be right here with me
I can't stop daydreaming all day
Can't stop my mind from giving way

You are lighting a fuse to set off
A bomb cyclone inside of my heart
Never knew what hit me
I had fallen for your magic
Right from the start
And your eyes mesmerize
And I'm caught in a spell
And I'll never break free
And your words hold me captive
Like some sort of fantastic
Sweet poetry

Holding hands in the hallway
Was so much fun
We passed love notes in class
All the time
Never forget the day that it all began
When it hit me that you would be mine
All the places we went to
Were awesome 'cause
Everytime we could be all alone
When you're next to me
I can't control myself
Also true when we talk on the phone
Want to stay with you everyday
Never want to be far away


I'm so lucky that you
Feel the same way too
Feels like heaven
When you're close to me
Don't mind bragging
'Bout how much you mean to me
We're so happy as happy can be
When you whispered the words
That I long to hear
Felt like Barbie and you were my Ken
Like, the perfect song wasn't a mystery
Couldn't help it, it hit me again
Can't fight the feeling that's building
You blow my mind with everything


Lyrics reprinted by permission
Copyright 2023 Jason Castoro/Jessica Grosskopf All Rights Reserved