1. Just Say No

From the recording To 1985 with Love

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Music by Jason Castoro, lyrics by Jessica Grosskopf. Published worldwide by CD Baby Publishing (BMI) Copyright 2023 Jason Castoro All Rights Reserved


What would you say?
Don't be afraid
What would you do
Or put others through?
Tell me what the difference is
In ugliness and ignorance
You'll drown if you fall down
In all the shame
People that we look up to
No matter what they're going through
Will somehow just be
Victim to the flame
Who said that you could be so cruel?
Who said it was okay, what you do?
Which choice would you
Make to be cool?
How hurt are you
When it's done to you?
Tell me what the message is
When you spread hate and violence
An audience will usually obey
Spreading cruel, obnoxious lies
While staring straight into their eyes
Who's truly hurting by the end of day?
Take some time and you will prove
That you have strength inside of you
Don't lose yourself and
Wallow in the pain
Just look with love and you will show
The way to teach, accept, and grow
You'll never get lost in the world again

Won't somebody tell me why?
There's got to be a better way
These images haunt my mind
And break my heart everyday
We can always take a stand
To change and not just look away
There is no need for disrespect
It's time to change our ways today

Could you refrain
From passing blame?
Or try to change
The whole messy game?
Do you have faith
To see it through
So you don't have to
Find an excuse?
Nobody can choose for you
What you feel deep inside of you
Don't be afraid to
Try or start again
If you spread positivity
You'll open eyes so they can see
The violence and hostility will end
Don't just sit there and pretend
With dignity, a heart can mend
Everybody has a hand to lend
Push past the point of no return
Consider it a lesson learned
And know that you are not
Your only friend


Can somebody tell me why?
It's really not so hard to change
Everybody should want to try
To make the world a better place
You don't have to lose your mind
Be unkind, make others pay
We need to change today
Just say no

Lyrics reprinted by permission
Copyright 2023 Jason Castoro/Jessica Grosskopf All Rights Reserved