1. Off The Hook

From the recording To 1985 with Love

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Music & lyrics by Jason Castoro. Published worldwide by CD Baby Publishing (BMI) Copyright 2023 Jason Castoro All Rights Reserved


You take me dancing
Every Friday night
But when we get there
You are out of sight
I'll find somebody
Who will treat me right
Not gonna waste my love
On you tonight

/Bridge 1/
Can't believe the things you do
And the lies that you will tell
Now I am seeing right through you
And the act you try to sell
Oh why can't you be straight with me
Are you glad to see me cry?
No more will I be made a fool
So I'll say goodbye

Use my love then leave me hanging
What am I to do?
Spend my nights in pain and sorrow
All because of you?
Now our line is disconnected
Broken is my heart
I am moving on forever
Make a brand new start
Falling from grace
We're running in place
Who's calling?
Our love was off the hook
Wasting our love
You're facing the judge
It's over
Can't let you off the hook

The air is heavy
And the beats are tight
I see the hunger
In their eyes burn bright
It drives you crazy
And you wanna fight
But you're the one
Who turned off all our light

/Bridge 2/
How could you play games with me
and abuse my foolish heart?
Sweet words you say are meaningless
Should have known it from the start
Your eyes had power over me
But I'm not the only one
It's time for me to break the spell
Your charade is done


My telephone keeps ringing
Day and night
All this attention
Makes me feel alright
Drop me a line
To see if I will bite
Well you're in luck
I'm feeling cute I might

/Bridge 1/


Lyrics reprinted by permission
Copyright 2023 Jason Castoro All Rights Reserved