1. Retrogaze

From the recording To 1985 with Love

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Music by Jason Castoro, lyrics by Jessica Grosskopf. Published worldwide by CD Baby Publishing (BMI) Copyright 2023 Jason Castoro All Rights Reserved


In my mind the time
Has passed me by
And when I close my eyes
I'm lost inside of the maze
When I try to fight
What's left behind
My feelings bring to life
The memories of those days
See it all through the haze
Captured in a retrogaze

Wondering was it right
To fight the journey
Lost the will to fly
Taken back in time
To what we started
Here into the night

All my dreams were
All just make believe
At least that's how it seems
When I look back
At that phase
Was it wrong or right
Or was I lost in flight
Just smitten by the light
That's calling my name
Left it all without a trace
Take me back to that place

/Chorus/ Time...

Can I start again from what
I learned back then
No more can I pretend
The way that I feel
Now it's happening fast
Connection to my past
It's all so crazy
And it's all so surreal

/Chorus/ Time...

Lyrics reprinted by permission
Copyright 2023 Jason Castoro/Jessica Grosskopf All Rights Reserved