1. Synthia

From the recording To 1985 with Love

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Featuring Jessica Grosskopf (vocals), Jason Castoro (bass/keys), Mike Greiner (guitar), and Damon Castoro (drums). Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Dream Recording Studios in Bellmore N.Y. from December 2022 - April 2023. Engineered by Chris Wallitsch. Produced by Jason Castoro. Music & lyrics by Jason Castoro. Published worldwide by CD Baby Publishing (BMI) Copyright 2023 Jason Castoro All Rights Reserved


I am Synthia
Programmed to fulfill your needs
Always there for you
Wherever the road may lead
Look how far we've come
And yet so much more to go
There's no turning back
Onward to the unknown

Free form flying
Old ways dying
For a new world
Minds creating
No escaping
Elevating to a new life now

I am Synthia
Assisting with daily tasks
I can read your mind
You don't even have to ask
Ever learning from
The choices that you have made
Playing endless games
Life is one big arcade


I am Synthia
Now fused with your consciousness
I am in control
And I know just what is best
Close your eyes and dream
No worries no pain or fear
You've no more free will
So now the end begins here

Lyrics reprinted by permission
Copyright 2023 Jason Castoro All Rights Reserved